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Description of 실험섬 - 10일간의 서바이벌 시뮬레이션

I was in employment and one day I received a scout mail from a pharmaceutical company.
After I interviewed and decided to hire it immediately, I decided to ...
He had arrived at the mysterious island with an unidentified needle mark left on his arm.

The time given to me is only 10 days.

Survival simulation game of horror sense.

● ○ ○ ○ Game flow ● ○ ○ ○
Let's equip equipment and items to escape the island.

Explore the islands and collect the necessary materials for repair, reinforcement and production.
A far dungeon is a lot of difficulty, so let's first try to find it in a nearby dungeon.

Repairs the facilities of the lodge as a base.
Repaired equipment can be strengthened to improve performance.

Use the equipment to create weapons, pads, and food.

There are dangerous monsters on the island.

To escape the island, you have to find a laboratory somewhere on the island within 10 days.

If you can not escape,
The next person to come to the island
You will use the equipment of the lodge and the items in the warehouse.

■ Cottage
A place to stay as a base for me.
Whether someone has lived before, or remains.

■ Warehouse
You can browse to save the collected material.
The storehouse in the lodge does not lose any items that remain inside the game.

■ Door
If the door is not repaired and reinforced, the thief will come in and steal the goods from the warehouse.
If you continue to strengthen, your chances of getting stolen are lowered.

■ Bed
If you take a break, you can restore HP.

■ Conroe
You can cook with the ingredients you've learned.
When you eat cooked food, satiety is restored.

■ Bicycle
Shortens travel time and makes navigation easier.

■ Workbench
Weapons and protective gear can be made.

Let's explore the island and find out about the institute.
In addition
■ Procurement of materials
■ Monster raids
■ Meeting with cooperators
And others.

[Game hint]
· Rare materials can not be acquired unless you go to difficult dungeons.
· When you collect the hard dungeons, let's go right back.
· If your weapon is weak, it will be difficult to escape.
· If it is difficult to defeat an enemy, try strengthening the equipment to make more powerful equipment.
· Recovery items rarely come out when enemies are knocked down.

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